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Maria Kim, M.D.

Maria Kim, M.D. Class of 2020


Fullerton, CA


UC Berkeley (Go Bears!)

Medical School:

Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University


I love to spend hours catching up with friends over milk tea or noodles, whether that'd be eating out or cooking together. I also really enjoy hiking, camping, indoor bouldering, road tripping, and checking out new fun things to do locally with friends, both old and new. When alone though, I find myself wondering when I should start my future comic book, mulling over the best time to adopt my first dog, and perusing instagram on the couch.


Why UC Irvine:

Since I was tiny, I've always dreamed of becoming a doctor dedicated to serving my home community and providing the best unconditional care to anyone who walked in regardless of their appearance, beliefs, or background. From UCI's rigorous academic background to its mission to administer social justice and holistic medicine here in one of the most underserved areas in the OC, this program is able to fit everything I was looking for to make that dream become reality. The people here are genuinely passionate in their mission to do good for their fellow neighbors. The support and love from the faculty, staff, and fellow residents are overwhelming in the most positive way; it's that sense of belonging, that gut feeling you get when you know you've found your crew. Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be back home for my training and forever grateful to be given this opportunity at UCI to become an awesome doctor and advocate for my community.


Interesting Fact:

One day I will collect all the stamps from every visitor center of the National Parks and Areas in California, then hopefully beyond to the entire country!


Professional/Medical Interests:

Underserved medicine, health advocacy/access/disparities, school-based health, adolescent medicine, community medicine.


Future Plans:

Be an awesome doctor.