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Edgar Ureno, M.D.

Edgar Ureno, M.D. Class of 2020


Anaheim, California



Medical School:

Hofstra-Northwell School of Medicine

Hobbies: Basketball, tennis, golf

Why UC Irvine: Amazing faculty! Very supportive staff and family medicine residents to help guide you through residency. Location, Orange County has amazing food (Mexican, Korean, bbq, thai, Japanese, Vietnamese) and great beaches! Multiple communities from very underserved to very affluent, and great weather. PRIME-LC program provides us with a unique experience and training.

Interesting fact: I drove from New York to Los Angeles in three days (approximately 45 hours) with my puppy. I could not wait to start residency at UC Irvine!

Medical Interes: adult preventative medicine, community healthcare.

Future Plans: to be determined