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Welcome, Jaih Craddock, PhD

Dr. Craddock
Dr. Craddock

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the Bay Area, Richmond, CA to be exact. I moved to the suburb of Antioch in high school, where I attended Deer Valley High School. 

School -

I attended San Francisco State University for undergrad and for my Master's in Sexuality Studies, and then I attended University of Southern California for my Master's and PhD in Social Work. 

Special Interests 

My research interest is in sexual health promotion and HIV prevention among young adults, particularly among underrepresented and underserved young adults. 

Personal Interests -

I love to partake in fun outdoor activities with my kiddos, like hiking and swimming. I also have a love for making fun foods, like homemade ice cream, candy covered marshmallows, and stained-glass cookies.

Fun Fact about yourself -

Two fun facts: I used to play trumpet in my high school marching band, and my husband and I owned a small catering company in the Bay Area after undergrad! 

Why did you choose UCI?

There are many reasons I chose UCI. The main reasons are: 1) the students are amazing and I really enjoying working with students and residents at all levels, 2) the faculty at UCI are doing amazing work in the surrounding communities, and 3) the goals and achievements of the Black Thriving Initiative. It is evident that UCI is making a strong effort across the campus to support and improve the lives of Black community members on campus and in the wider Orange County communities.  The Black Thriving Initiative along with the family friendly environment at UCI are major reasons why I chose UCI. 

Future plans?

There is so much space and opportunity to have a positive impact on underrepresented communities on and off campus,  and I look forward to collaborating with students, faculty members and community members on research and community projects and initiatives!

Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?

I am excited to joining the UCI family and to exchange knowledge, learn, and grow and create new opportunities for collaborations across campus and in the wider community.