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Welcome Dr. Partha Gonavaram

Dr. Partha Gonavaram

Please join us in welcoming new family physician faculty member Dr. Partha Gonavaram who will be joining us in January, 2022.

Dr. Gonavaram, based in Irvine, will see patients at the Gottschalk Plaza.

We look forward to the contributions of our new faculty.  Thank you!

Cynthia Haq, MD

Where did you grow up?

Hyderabad & Kurnool , South India.

Medical School 

Osmania Medical College, University of Health Sciences, A.P., India


Emory University, School of Medicine 

Current Practice

Assistant Clinical Professor & Core Faculty at Community Health Care (FQHC), Tacoma

Special Interests 

Chronic disease management, especially those related to obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease, etc., CHF, cirrhosis, renal failure, hepatitis B/C, COPD, Nexplanon, and skin procedures.

Personal Interests 

World affairs and politics, Indian & Western classical music, cricket, and travel

Fun Fact about yourself 

Raw onions make me run like Usain Bolt!!

Why did you choose UCI?

I wanted to work in a University setting, to be able to get involved with research, liked the in-person interview, UCI Family Medicine Department made accommodations for me by increasing the scope of the job from purely out-patient to in-patient with precepting. Location [weather and just over an hour away from my older brother's family]

Future plans?

Learn to be proficient in POCUS, get more involved with residency & probably research

Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?

I believe teaching made me a far better physician than I was before I joined residency faculty.