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Residency Rotations


Newborn Nursery (NBN) UCIMC  3 weeks
Family Medicine Ward (FMW)  UCIMC  10-11 weeks
Outpatient Medicine/ Subspecialty (VA OPT)  Long Beach VA  5-6 weeks
Internal Medicine Wards (UCI IM)  UCIMC  5-6 weeks
Labor and Delivery (UCI-OB)  UCIMC  5-6 weeks
Pediatrics Continuity   UCI FHC Santa Ana                    5-6 weeks
Inpatient Pediatrics   CHOC 5-6 weeks
Internal Medicine Wards (VA IM)  Long Beach VAMC  5-6 weeks
Intensive Care Unit (VA ICU) /Radiology   Long Beach VAMC  3 weeks ICU 2 weeks
Inpatient Palliative Care  UCIMC  2 weeks


Geriatrics (Geri) UCIMC  3 weeks
Emergency Medicine (EM)  UCIMC & Long Beach Memorial 8 weeks
Ambulatory Pediatrics (Amb Peds)   UCI FHC – Anaheim  7-8 weeks
Elective  UCIMC  5-6 weeks
Family Medicine Wards (FMW)  UCIMC  5-6 weeks
Addiction Medicine LBVA 2-3 weeks               
Sports Medicine / Gynecology   UCI Gottschalk  5-6 weeks
Inpatient & Outpatient Palliative Care  UCIMC  2 weeks     
Surgery  Beach  4 weeks
Mini Junior Medical Director (Mini JMED)  UCI FHC – Santa Ana  2-3 weeks
Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM-CHOC)   CHOC Children’s 4-5 weeks
Preoperative (Pre-op)  UCIMC 

1 week


Newborn Nursery (NBN) UCI FHC-SA, UCI, OCHCA 5-6 weeks
Family Medicine Nights A and B (FMWN)  UCIMC  5-6 weeks
Elective A All Participating Sites  5-6 weeks
Elective B  All Participating Sites  5-6 weeks
Junior Medical Director (JMED)  UCI FHC SA  5-6 weeks
Family Medicine Wards (FMW)  UCIMC  5-6 weeks
Medical Subspecialty Clinics (MedSurg)  UCIMC  5-6 weeks
Ambulatory Pediatrics (Amb Peds)  UCI FHC ANA  2-3 weeks
Sports Med/ Women’s Health  (Sports Med/Gyn)  UCIMC, UCI Campus / Training Room  5-6 weeks
Dermatology (Derm)  LBVAMC  5-6 weeks