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Harrison Bae, M.D.

Harrison Bae, M.D. Class of 2025


Seoul, Korea & Diamond Bar, CA


University of California, Riverside

Medical School:

University of California, Riverside School of Medicine

Why UCI?

I felt like UCI checked all of the boxes for what I was looking for in a program. It had a strong emphasis in underserved medicine. It was located close to my friends, family, and church. However, what was most impressive for me was how comfortable I felt during the interview. From the social hour to the end of the interview, everyone I interacted with was kind and it was clear how close they were each other. Although it’s harder to connect with people virtually, I felt like UCI was a program that felt very genuine which led me to rank them number 1 :)

Medical Interests:

Sports Medicine, Women's Health, Street Medicine


I love playing basketball, board games, cooking, reading, and eating good food

Fun Fact(s):

In my passion to learn Spanish, I went on reddit to ask which country I should visit to learn. I got one comment with 4 upvotes that said to go to a town in Guatemala called Xela. I flew there a few months later and lived there for a month with the locals. Best decision ever haha.

Future Plans:

I would like to work at a group practice outpatient clinic or at a FQHC but I'm still not sure yet. My personal end-goal is to help my church start a street medicine ministry!