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Rachel Duong, M.D.

Rachel Duong, M.D. Class of 2025


San Diego, California


Amherst College

Medical School:

University of Massachusetts T.H. Chan School of Medicine

Why UCI? 

After spending nearly a decade away from my home state, I figured it was time to make my way back. The UCI program stood out to me because of the diverse patient population, especially the chance to work with Spanish and Vietnamese-speaking patients. I wanted to serve an underresourced community and hone my advocacy and leadership skills; I will being joining the PRIME-LC track to keep me centered on those goals throughout residency. My personal priority was to live close to family so I could drive home on my golden weekends and spend time with my empty-nested parents. Finally, UCI stood out to me because I finished interview day feeling excited to work with passionate individuals who care about delivering compassionate patient care, teaching and training learners of all levels, and welcoming of individuals from all walks of life.

Medical Interests:

Sports Medicine, LGBTQ Health, Women's and Reproductive Health, Palliative Care, Point of Care Ultrasound.


Rock climbing, hiking, lifting, exploring bakeries, trying new physical activities, listening to audiobooks, relaxing with a nice spotify playlist.

Fun Facts:

I loved summer running camp in Sequoia during high school. I did a cross country road trip with my brother before residency. I don't like rewatching shows but Brooklyn 99 is an exception. I studied, worked, and lived in Massachusetts for 10 years, and would do it all over again if life brought me back... but I would also be content with staying in the West with the sunshine for the rest of my life.

Future Plans:

Not really sure! Probably outpatient care, live somewhere near a body of water, learn how to kitesurf, be happy and present.