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About Us

Several qualities make the Family Medicine Residency Program at UCI School of Medicine an outstanding choice for prospective family physicians. 

The UCI program is one of only a few that truly combines the advantages of a community-based program with those of a university program. Residents complete four of their inpatient rotations at Orange County Global Medical Center in Santa Ana, where they are the only residents in the hospital, working closely with community attendings, performing surgical procedures with minimal competition from other learners and gaining an understanding of the practice of medicine outside of the residency.

Renowned experts

UCI Family Medicine residents also have the chance to work at a tertiary care university medical center, learning from family medicine faculty,  as well as specialists who are leaders in their field and are nationally-renowned experts. 

The family medicine faculty are all involved with the residents in some capacity, and our residents have taken advantage of the depth and breadth of their experience in research and publications, international health, community outreach, behavioral health and special electives in diverse areas such as complementary medicine and leadership/public health policy. 

Residents have the privilege of working in a state-of-the-art community health center located in central Santa Ana. As the busiest federally qualified health center in Orange County, the UCI Family Health Center Santa Ana affords residents the opportunity to serve patients who are truly in need and who value the role that a family doctor plays in their lives, in a setting that rivals many private clinics.

Wide range of services

The UCI Family Health Center offers a number of services, including a pharmacy with several discounted medication programs for indigent patients, dental care, social and legal services, and radiology. Our residents perform a wide range of office-based procedures under the supervision of family medicine faculty, including minor surgery, colposcopy, women’s health procedures, and casting/splinting. We are an established presence in the dense, multicultural community of Santa Ana, with multiple ongoing community outreach activities to enrich the resident experience.

Finally, the residents themselves are UCI's greatest asset. We have a great group of physicians who come from diverse backgrounds, but enjoy working and playing together. They are committed to making the program better and work closely with the residency leadership. Together, we've made some remarkable improvements to the curriculum and the residency experience in general.