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Salary & Benefits


*Salaries for the 2021-2021 year will receive an increase of 3%

*Salaries for the 2021-2022 year will also receive an increase of 3%

Program Year

Annual Salary for 2019-2020 year







Housing Stipend

Program Year






Stipends are subject to change without notice*

UCI Medical Center Meal Allowance

$80 per month / $960 per academic year


Health, dental, and vision insurance are provided by the University for the residents and their dependents at no extra charge.

University-paid, basic life insurance is in the amount of $50,000. Long-term disability with a 30-day waiting period is also included as part of this benefits package. Details are available through Connie Tran at the Graduate Medical Education office at 714-456-3526.

Residents are provided with professional liability (malpractice) coverage for all activities, which are approved components of the Family Medicine Residency Program.

For more information:

 *Effective 7/1/2018

Vacation and Educational Leave

Type of Leave



4 – seven-day workweeks (28 D total) per postgraduate year.


12 days per postgraduate year.

Parental Leave

4 weeks paid within 12 months of the child’s birth/placement.

Licensing & Exam Stipend 

Each resident receives reimbursement for California postgraduate training license and their Step 3 exam. 

Educational Expenditure Stipend 

Each resident receives up to $1,500 per academic year for board study materials, conference registration/travel, journals, books, etc., as per the Department of Family Medicine reimbursement policy.