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Elements of Integrative Medicine Track Curriculum

  1. Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine 3-Year Longitudinal Web-Based Curriculum

     (Integrative Medicine in Residency Program).

    A web-based series of teaching modules covering a wide range of topic central to the primary care practice of Integrative Medicine, along with a variety of on-site, interactive teaching activities to complement and augment on-line material.

    1st Year
    • Introduction to Integrative Medicine: including a personal health and wellness assessment
    • Overview Prevention and Wellness: including in depth review of nutrition and healthy diets, appropriate use of supplements, intro to Mind-Body Medicine and Motivational Interviewing for effective behavioral change
    2nd Year
    • Integrative approach chronic disease (DM,Htn,CVD,obesity)
    • IM approach to Women’s health, Pediatrics and Acute Care topics
    • Intro to use botanicals, review of Mind-Body techniques.
    3rd Year
    • IM approach mental health
    • IM approach to Rheumatology, Chronic Pain
    • Review of simple Manual Medicine techniques
    • Whole Systems practices (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy Medicine, Homeopathy)
  2. Periodic on-site activities: including field trips to herbal and farmer’s markets, mind-body teaching sessions, yoga/tai chi sessions, manual medicine techniques (strain-counterstrain), case reviews.
  3. Rotation through Family Health Center Integrative Medicine Consult Clinic in R2 and R3 years:  R2 and R3 residents will periodically see their continuity patients in the IM consult clinic for more in depth review of Integrative Medicine diagnostic and treatment options for a variety of presenting clinical problems.
  4. Rotation through the Samueli Clinic and Community Allied Health Provider Practices in R3 year (during elective month):  Exposure to multidisciplinary IM team approach to care of patients using a variety of complementary modalities. To learn more about the UC Irvine Samueli Center, click here: 
  5. Mind Body Stress Reduction (MBSR) Class in R2 or R3 year: providing first hand experience with a variety of mindfulness based meditation practices.
  6. Integrative Medicine Journal Club:  Residents meet quarterly to review latest evidence-based information on IM topics and modalities.
  7. Diabetes Group Visits: R2 and R3 residents will see patients in the Diabetes Management groups, held twice each month. Instruction about healthy cooking, nutrition, movement, and mindulness are incorporated into each session.
  8. Bimonthly Staff/Provider Wellness Sessions: Held during the lunch hour, staff and providers can learn and participate in a variety of wellness topics, including self-massage, stretching techniques, mindfulness, Tai Chi, yoga, healthy cooking and more.